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(CNC) Punch Press Vancouver

Humble owns 2 Amada CNC Punch Press’s which offer an extended variety of capabilities. With these punch presses, we can produce a high volume of parts in a short amount of time with a high degree of accuracy. Our years of service and diversity of products allow us to offer a very extensive library of tooling capable of serving almost any need.

Modern CNC turret punches can hold over 40 different tools in the turret reducing set up and tool change time. Special indexed tool holders can rotate tools incrementally allowing for cutting complex angles and curves. Our use of state of the art CNC punching equipment allows for the manufacture of parts in complicated shapes from a variety of material types and gauges. Our largest punch, an Amada EMZ 3610 offers industry leading high speed combined with the highest levels of accuracy and is ideal for volume production. The EMZ 3610 can accommodate sheets up to 60" width and 192" length.

Humble has a broad selection of punches and dies in inventory and a tool list is available upon request. To learn more about our metal punching services, please Click Here

We can accommodate:

  • 60” x 192” sheets
  • Steel (cold rolled, P&O etc.): up to ¼ inch
  • Stainless Steel: up 10 gauge
  • Aluminum: up to ¼ inch
  • Extensive tooling list which offers the ability to counter-sinks, louvers, and other custom shapes

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