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Electronics Manufacturers:

Humble has been building custom enclosures for customers since very early in it’s history. Your parts need to be consistently built to very high tolerances each time, often having multiple parts that need to go together seamlessly with your technology. These enclosures are often showcases for your brand and we take that responsibility very seriously. We have clients in all aspects of the industry who look to us for consistent quality and reduced lead time. If your business requires enclosures call Humble today.


Humble has built high quality aluminum relay rack and custom rack solutions for the telecommunications industry for decades. If your business needs custom racks for any specific use, contact Humble today

Equipment / Machinery Manufacturing

Equipment manufacturers have consistently looked to Humble to build their custom parts because we understand that quality and lead time are critical to their supply chain. Whether you build elevators, equipment for the forestry industry or are a leader in Green manufacturing, Humble can serve your needs.

Contract Manufacturing

If you are a contract manufacturer in BC we understand the demands your customers put on you to build high quality parts that meet their specifications every time. We understand you need parts on demand and we have worked with some of the biggest in Western Canada to help them reduce costs and lead time through custom supply chain solutions. Call Humble today to learn more

Construction and Architecture

Humble understands the construction industry involves many different people and trades with schedules and deadlines that can sometimes be moving targets. Exact specifications may not be had until the last minute and once received, the customer expects you to deliver immediately. We have done work for a number of construction and architecture firms in BC and would like to hear about you upcoming jobs. Call Humble today to learn more


Humble has worked with a number or Marine companies in BC and understands the need to produce parts that their customers are going to be proud of. A large percentage of our business is Stainless Steel so we understand the intricacies of the material and how to handle it to ensure it has the desired look. If you’re a business in the Marine Industry call Humble today.

Metal Fabrication

If you’re a Metal Fabrication business focused on heavier material or exclusively machine parts but need to service your customers with sheet metal components please call Humble today. We are a trusted partner to many different business across B.C. as they know they can rely on us for the quality and turnaround time to help impress their customers.

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