Humble beginnings

Our Story

Humble Manufacturing Company Ltd was established in 1950 by Ralph Humble. Formerly a technician with the British Columbia Telephone Company, Ralph had a background in sheet metal and electronics. Addressing a need in the market, he combined his expertise in fabrication and telecommunications and began designing and building mobile radio-telephones as well as other specialized telephony equipment.

It was Humble beginnings to say the least. Working out of a small wooden building in Vancouver in 1950 on the west coast of Canada, Humble Manufacturing Company was born. Early building Building a reputation of quality workmanship and integrity, the company grew quickly. As employees were added to the Humble team, so too was the need for a new facility. In 1965, the company moved to a much larger building at the corner of Second & Pine Street in Vancouver to accommodate its growth. Not long after, the company decided to shift its focus away from electrical assembly in the hopes of becoming the best sheet metal fabrication company in the industry. In 1988, after 13 years of continued growth, the company settled into their current facility at 3331 Ardingley Ave. in Burnaby, BC.

From Man to Machine

Evident even from the earliest days of our Humble history, has been our drive to produce incredibly high quality parts in the shortest amount of time, for the lowest possible cost.

Driven to deliver on that commitment, In 1968 we purchased a “Whitney 637 Panelmaster”, truly the first NC Punch Press of its kind in Vancouver. That decision marked our commitment to industry best technology and innovations as the foundation of delivering value to our customers.

Since that time we’ve purchased numerous CNC machines, steadily enhanced our internal software based business systems and have equipped our engineering team with state of the art design tools such as Solidworks. All of this has been done with the aim of responding more quickly to our customers needs, maintaining our 98+% on-time shipping record and at all costs, reducing response, lead times and cost for our customers.

70 Years of Experience and Improvements

The best technology in the world is useless without skilled and knowledgeable hands to guide it, and over seventy years you learn a thing or two about sheet metal fabrication. Today, we boast of one of the most skilled and knowledgeable workforces in the industry. In 2005, we challenged ourselves to improve our processes even more, implementing an ISO 9001:2008 quality system. Today, we are fully ISO 9001:2015 certified and exceptionally proud of our quality record. Every year since 2005 we have been recognized for registration under ISO 9001, showing our commitment to ensuring our staff is fully trained to industry leading standards and that your project is delivered to our exacting standards on time, every time.

Be a part of the Humble story and bring 70 years of fabrication excellence to your team.