Supply Solutions

When you get Humble, it’s all about you.

Humble as your supply solution partner. 

Your business is unique, and when you link arms with us you gain a manufacturing partner with the knowledge and experience to benefit your whole business, not just a part.

For years we’ve helped our clients manufacture the highest quality components for the lowest possible cost while improving their supply chain management and product design in the process.

We believe that taking the time to understand your manufacturing strategy is a little key that opens big doors in uncovering greater efficiencies and cost saving measures across your whole component lifecycle.

We consistently look for better ways to integrate with your existing processes. From KanBan replenishments to pull systems based on your specific forecasts, working with us feels like you’re dealing with someone down the hall.

Getting Humble means:

Humble can assist you in many ways:

  • Complimentary consultative design spec and process review
  • Balancing manufacturing lot sizes against market pull needs
  • Analyzing procurement and processes to find the best fit
  • Inventory risk and overhead costs reduction strategies
  • Cash flow management solutions
  • Lead time reduction strategies
  • Cost reduction through training, technology and process improvements
  • Employing industry best practices to ensure on-time, defect free supply

Get Humble... and get 70 years of experience and insight on your side.